Horse Riding in Pokhara

The horse riding tour starts from Lakeside,Pokhara and traveling through indigenous villages, and farmlands including perfect view of Fewa Lake and Raniban across it. Then we ride back to Lakeside. It takes 5-6 hours for a day horse riding tour. The Pokhara horse riding tour is highly recommends to all ages.

Horse has been a very good friend of human. This is why people say that horse helps human to build the civilization. In the ancient age, horses were the only best way of transportation and were used in war as well. The mode of transportation was animal in Pokhara not so long ago. But these days horse riding is also taken as one of the adventure sport. 

While moving to Pame, enjoy the day horse riding tour in Pokhara witnessing the spectacular mountain range and observing the daily life of people as seen on the way, riding on a horseback.

The tour is a great way to explore the mystical beauty of Pokhara. Horse riding tour package is for all, from beginners to advance riders and is done in almost every month except rainy season. Spring, Autumn and Winter are the best time of the year for a day horse riding tour in Pokhara.

It’s a good day tour to explore a scenic view of Pokhara valley and the majestic mountain. The horseback riding tour is becoming more popular nowadays because it makes comfortable and easy to feel the natural beauty of Pokhara. While you are riding on horseback, you will enjoy the spectacular panorama of the Annapurna. Also you can explore the natural wonders of Pokhara, and can see the beautiful landscapes from the horseback riding. You can also encounter the Pokhara for cultural tours with a horse riding tour.

Due to the geographical location of Nepal, there are number of places where road is not accessible Specially behind the high Himalayas and southern rim of Tibetan plateau people have adopted horse riding as a culture and the important means of life. Similarly, in Pokhara there are numbers of places where horse riding option is available riding along the hiking route for pleasure. One such ideal destination is Sedi, Kapaudi and Pame route.

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