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Fresh elements restaurant

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Our Story

Over 20 years ago, the founder of Fresh Elements Restaurant Ramesh Karki moved to Japan where he started his career as a chef. 

He worked in multiple restaurants and with various cuisines from different parts of the world. 

During this period he discovered his passion for preparing healthy meals and then kept on exploring and studying natural ingredients and dishes from both local and international countries. 

During his tour to experience top-level and Michelin Star restaurants, he gathered so much knowledge and came to the conclusion that the best and most healthy meals are the ones prepared with only fresh and organic ingredients. He strongly believes that adding chemicals to food to enhance its taste or flavor is unnecessary.

Since almost all restaurants or chefs are used to adding at least one or more artificial ingredients to their recipe he decided to take on the responsibility of being the savior of the Kitchen Kingdom, and with this big decision, Fresh Elements Restaurant was born! 

We pride ourselves in serving high-class dishes made with quality and fresh ingredients As we believe “you are what you eat”.

We pride ourselves in serving high-class dishes made with unique recipes and the finest of cocktails.

At Fresh Element Restaurant, our guests are treated like royalty. We prepare all our dishes with only natural ingredients, extreme hygiene measures, and the highest quality of water. 

Today, we are a leader restaurant on the online review platforms, famous for our dishes’ great attention and quality. You can enjoy all the ambiances we offer, our “longest bar”- a huge variety of wines which we import our self from Europe, projection screen, and live music every day!


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