Matepani Gumba

Roughly 6km away from Lakeside, is the famous gumba (monastery) of Karma Dubgyu Chokhorling or more commonly known as Matepani. Situated on a small hill, east of Pokhara city, the monastery, apart from its religious importance, the monastery has striking scenic beauty and an ideal vantage point to view the valley and Mt. Fishtail. Several eye-catching wall paintings, magnificent monuments, a huge statue of Lord Buddha in meditation flanked by Gurun rinpoche and Karmapa are an astonishing sight.The statues are about 11 ft. tall.

It is located on some elevation and you have to trek to reach here. It is a beautiful building with idols of deities inside the building. The monks stay here and do spiritual learning. When we reached here prayers were in progress so we were not allowed inside. But truly listening to the prayers was a divine experience. You can also get a magnificent view of the city from here.